Surgery Consent Form

  • We require an occult heartworm test prior to anesthesia for any dog not taking heartworm preventative. There is a $23.00 charge for this service.

    If your pet is found to be infested with fleas and /or ticks, it will be treated for them at your expense.

    You are to use all reasonable precaution against injury, escape, or death of my pet. I understand that anesthesia and surgery always involves some risk to my pet (such as unknown internal physical abnormalities, medication allergies, surgical complications, internal bleeding, shock, incision dehiscence, and post-surgical infections): and agree to hold you harmless, in the absence of negligence, in connection with these procedures. Iacknowledge that no guarantee or assurance has been made to me as to the results that may be obtained. In the event complications arise and I cannot be immediately contacted at the below listed phone number, you are directed to make the decision you deem best for my pet. I agree to pay for services rendered.