Digital radiology allows us to take x-rays of your pet and see the results in a few seconds, directly on the machine where the animal is, without having to move or disturb the animal if another view needs to be taken.

In other words, there is no film that has to be processed, taking 5 minutes or more to see if the film is too dark, too light, if the pet moved causing the film to be too blurry or out of frame and having to repeat the entire process putting undue stress on the animal by waiting and being manipulated into position again.

Being digital and totally computerized, now we can zoom in on an area, lighten or darken the view, measure bones and organs right on the computer, email them to referral centers, compare them with earlier x-rays on the same computer screen or send them to any computer in the clinic, and manipulate the x-ray right in the room with you!

We have ultrasound imaging available! This enhances the ability to see internal organs, foreign objects, use guided needle biopsy, have a much more accurate diagnosis of cardiac disease, and be able to detect pregnancy much earlier than x-rays will allow.

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